Editor’s Letter

To commemorate the founding of URSA NYC with Steven Harwick’s solo show SKiNFLiCK, we made a 64-page catalog that can be ordered here: https://ursa.nyc/product/skinflick-catalog. Legendary Mother of the show Kembra Pfahler, Danny Orlowski, and Miles Pflanz, all close friends of Steven’s, contributed such great essays to the catalog (essays which can be read on the SKiNFLiCK page — https://ursa.nyc/skinflick-steven-harwick-solo-show) that for the first editorial content of the new URSA Magazine, I wanted to commission each of them — and Steven, who is an amazing writer as well as a great artist — to write an art review about a favorite — or unfavorite — show of 2020 in ANOTHER gallery. Why? Because we believe that art shows need to be consumed and discussed not so much as entrepreneurial opportunities for the wealthy gatekeepers of the big-money art world, but as what I believe them to be, the equivalent of albums in music — complex, comprehensive statements by artists that are meant to be imbibed and enjoyed by THE PEOPLE as edifying ENTERTAINMENT and INSPIRATION. To that end, URSA NYC is going to be not only an art gallery, but an art (and fashion and culture) MAGAZINE, where (as a new decade dawns) we are going to pay homage — or at least attention — to our peers as well as ourselves, Make The Road By Walking, and Be The Change We Want To See In The (art) World. MOTTO (to turn an old saying on its head): ‘Don’t Start No Stuff, Won’t Be No Stuff!’ 

— Yours Truly, Johnny Sagan aka Snowy Wilderness, January 2021